Interior customizing
Interior customizing
For the comfort of the driver and passengers, new seats can be installed in the interior of the car. The type of seat is determined by the owner himself. For example, in a sports car it is reasonable to embed a homologated seat; it is more expensive, but is approved by the Federation of Motor Transport, so you can take part in competitions. For the city drive, a seat with improved features can be installed - it can be regulated by the height and the degree of inclination of the seat-back. The presence of armrests and headrests, of course, is desirable because they allow relaxing ones stiff muscles. Travel seats differ from the ones for VIP guests, for evident reasons. In addition to actual differences in the types of car seats, you should also need to know that you can order the installation of seat belts, rotating devices etc. Convertible sofas can be used as the rear seats, which provide passengers with a high level of comfort.

To enhance the security of the car, you can order the installation of new glasses, or strengthen the existing ones, or armour them. Another also incredibly popular service in the workshops dealing with car tuning is the toning of glasses - it helps reduce the blinding effect of sunlight and create an intimate atmosphere in the interior of the car.

Quite an interesting service offered to customers of the workshop is installing hatches on the roof of the car. It is important to mention that hatches cannot be installed in all types of cars, the curvature of the roof and other technical characteristic of the car are important. However, the presence of the hatch is a condition, which helps the car owner to save money. How? Firstly, the hatch may be a cause for refusing the installation of air conditioner, it allows you to quickly and efficiently ventilate the interior, and on a rainy day glasses do not sweat, if the hatch is opened. Besides, an open hatch does not create a draught, which is inevitable by an open window.

Some additional devices that may be installed in the interior are air vents, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Why an air vent is, for example, better as a hatch? Because it deliberately draws out stale air from the interior, respectively, all odors are drafted out very quickly.

Why the installation of air conditioners in a car is so popular? Because with its help in any weather you can create a comfortable microclimate in the interior, be it air temperature or its humidity.

Why the refrigerators are installed in the car? Because they are convenient for keeping drinks and foods that might be needed in a trip. The refrigerator is compact and does not occupy much space in the interior, and the benefits are palpable, especially for drivers who often make long trips. Security in the car and its safe keeping during the absence of the owner is another topic often discussed with the workshop staff. What is offered to car drivers? This is, for example, the system of an automatic door opening and locking by the ignition. Such systems help the car driver to concentrate on driving and not be distracted by extraneous things.

Installation of an alarm is another service most often ordered. The choice of an alarm system depends on the specific requirements of the car owner. In our workshop, we will help you install any alarm system regardless of its complexity or cost.

Together with the alarm system, the central locking is almost always set. Its purpose is to lock all car doors with a single motion of the driver's hand. It is quite convenient and allows you to not only save time but also helps in critical situations to protect yourself and your passengers.

Parking device is another technical refinement of thought, which makes driving a child's fun. Sensors installed in hidden places make it easy to navigate, even in difficult circumstances, and to keep car from unwanted scratches and damages.
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