Interior lights
Interior lights
Interior lighting allows marking the vehicle out of the many other similar ones. However, there is a purely pragmatic purpose of lighting, which provides sufficient visibility inside the vehicle in the dark.

Nowadays, there are so many types of lighting instruments, that any customer can surely find both an economically justified and sufficiently effective option. Our showroom offers more than 30 interesting variants of the lighting.

Basic lightings are installed on the ceiling, on sides or in the center. They turn on when the doors open. Additional lighting, such as LED, may also be switched on when the vehicle is on the move. Besides, there can be several options for fading the lights and the color of the light. Glove box and front panel can also be illuminated from beneath to create a unique atmosphere in the interior of the vehicle.

What types of lights are used to illuminate the passenger compartment?

- The first option is neon lights. These lights are not very bright and have a single color selected during the installation. Neon lights are enclosed into solid tubes protecting from dust, dirt and mechanical blows.

- The second option is a more popular one, which are the LED lights. They are efficient, effective and can be installed anywhere, from the bottom to the far-ending recess. They are placed in a silicone tape, and so no pollution, no mechanical blows can damage the lights. The advantage of the LED lights is the option of multiple tints of colors for interior lightings.
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