Hi-end audio & video
Hi-end audio & video
Almost all foreign cars are sold with an already in-built TV. If there is no TV in the car, it can be easily installed. Selecting a location for the TV depends on for whom it is meant. If the TV is set for the driver, then the best location for it is the control panel. If the TV is set for the leisure of passengers, it can be embedded into the door, or a headrest, or even hang up to the ceiling. Car TVs are can be fixed and are mobile. Thus, a mobile TV can be moved from one place to another depending on the situation. All the car TVs have an LCD screen only. This is their main difference from the home TVs.

DVD inside the car is not a novelty, this device is also often installed in cars. They are similar to TVs and can be both mobile and fixed. Fixed players are often built in headrest, for passengers sitting in the back seat can watch videos.

In order to install multiple devices at once, customers prefer the multimedia systems. They differ in characteristics and are selected for each vehicle individually.

Such option as installing an audio player in the cars appeared long time ago, still it is one of the most popular ones. Unlike watching a movie, listening to music does not distract the driver from driving, so the audio player is a must-have for any car.

For drivers who like to listen to loud music of high quality, some amplifiers are installed inside the car. With modern amplifiers installed, one can control the frequency of sound and its volume in minutes, and so it absolutely does not distract from the road.

The driver enjoys music when driving a car and so does the passenger. To create stereo-effect, speakers are installed in multiple locations. By the way, without a specialist it is extremely difficult locate the speakers In the best way.

To improve the sound in your car, a condenser can be installed. Its goal is the accumulation of electric charge and its transfer to the player. The capacity of the condenser for a car should not be less than 1F for 1000 watts. Under this condition, the sound, especially at the lower register, will be of high quality.
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