Vans transformation
Vans transformation
Usually it is required to convert and re-equip a minibus when a cheap cargo van was bought abroad. After converting the minibus the owner receives a passenger minibus having a comfortable interior, a representative appearance and satisfactory specifications.

Thus, re-equipment of a minibus can be divided into 3 phases:
  • technical;
  • external;
  • internal.

Within the technical tuning the minibus is equipped with a new engine, suspension and so on. As a result, the minibus is ready for long and difficult journeys.

Within the external tuning, discs, grilles, bumpers and other pieces are changed. Additionally, body kits, splashes, baffles and plates are strengthened. Besides that, for the passengers' comfort, the installation of thresholds, spoilers and tint glass is obligatory. To enhance the aesthetic effect, at the end of the process of external tuning a unique pattern may be applied using the technique of airbrushing. At this stage it is important to sustain the overall style chosen initially.

Internal tuning of the minibus consists of re-equipping the interior. Available passenger seats are pulled over with a tissue; additional seats are installed; upholstery and flooring are changed. After the main steps were undertaken, the passengers' comfort is maximized - the installation of shelves, bars, video equipment, individual lighting fixtures over each seat, heated seats, and air conditioning.

Alarms, central locking, glass lifts and so on are installed separately. These precautions give confidence to the owner.

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