Coachwork tuning
Coachwork tuning
External tuning starts with the strengthening of the bumper. Usually professionals set a new bumper purchased from the manufacturer, but some exclusive variants can be made directly in the workshop. One of the most popular materials used for the manufacturing of the bumper is the fiberglass. It is strengthened with a metal profile, and a special feature of the installation is a partial removing the bumper from the body for the protection enhancement.

After that, the bumper itself is also covered by a protective panel called bullbar. This enables elimination of the mechanical damage that can result from a collision. Earlier, the bullbar used to be installed only on the front bumper; nowadays we can offer you some options for the rear bumper, turn signals, and headlights.

Side skirts are usually set on big cars - minivans and off-road vehicles - and perform multiple functions at once. They protect the body from dirt and small road stones. They facilitate boarding of children or people with disabilities. Besides that, when cleaning or repairing vehicles they can be used as an additional means of support. Sills are made of stainless steel pipes.

Spoilers are devices installed on the rear of the roof; these are meant to improve the aerodynamic performance. Another good reason to install a spoiler is a respectable appearance of the van. Its shape and size are calculated by professionals for each vehicle individually.

Arches installed on the body are meant primarily for its protection. Rear arch protects the rear bumper from dirt and softens the blow. Side arches protect the body from dust and stones, and blows resulting from the collision. In addition, the arches have an aesthetic function by modifying the appearance of the car significantly. Side arches can be completed with footrests, which have an additional function of support by the seating in of passengers.

Installing railings enables the transportation of bulky and heavy loads. Since they are installed on the roof of the vehicle, it is possible to fasten equipment, inventory or parts of furniture safely either directly on the rails or on the trunk mounted on rails. To be fair, it should be noted that as soon as railings are installed on the vehicle, it is transformed and gets a sports look.

Quite often, the drivers have troubles when driving through thick fog. Fog lights can save car owners from this kind of difficulties. Their installation is relatively simple. The most difficult task is to choose the correct headlights. Our experienced professionals working in our showroom will help you choose the right ones.

For the better protection of the body and better final look, you can also order the installation of gratings of different overlays, and additional mirrors. For example, for the rear view mirror not to fog up during the cold season, heating can be installed there.
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