Coachwork repairs and painting
Coachwork repairs and painting
If, for some reason, the surface of the body was damaged, this does not mean that a disaster has happened. There are modern methods of straightening and painting vehicles that make damages invisible. Of course, many people still remember the days when any scratch caused negative emotions. Often, after unsuccessful attempts to paint out the defect the car owner was forced to replace the piece with a new one.

Experts in our showroom can do straightening, painting, and polishing of the body in a very short period of time. Straightening is performed both manually and using special machines. As a rule, better results are achieved with the manual straightening. To hide the defect, the specialists apply two methods - the cold one or by heating carbon electrode.

Painting the body is also divided into stages, each of them is equally important:
  • Removing dirt, grease, dust;
  • Coating the surface;
  • Plastering the surface;
  • Coating with enamel and lacquer.

Painting can be local or full, depending on extent of damage to the body. After lacquering, it is recommended to polish the surface, so that moisture, dust and gravel could not damage the protective layer of lacquer.
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